05. Racing Simulator

Real Racing Sim


RRS (Real Racing Simulator) is a special kind of simulator that will offer you a unique adrenaline experience from driving in a sports racing car. The device combines the elements of a real-life fast ride and a gaming experience in the form of graphics or first-class simulation at the same time.

You will find yourself in the skin of the world-class competitors, your reflexes will be tested by the curves on the world’s most famous circuits and, last but not least, you have a unique opportunity to taste the taste of victory. The feelings of real acceleration, braking, weight transfer and leans in bends are achieved by elaborate movements. The device is capable to simulate the G-forces of up to 2 G.

The simulator can be set according to your skills. In practice, this means that it can be used by a small child, but also by a professional racer. Fast driving and computer games connect a large number of people. In this project, the combining of the experience of fast driving and game interaction was focused on. Using creative retouching, several photos were combined into the resulting key visuals.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Creative Retouching

Our goal was to combine gaming interaction with a race driving experience.

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