04. IT company



Webbit is an IT company that specializes in custom development solutions. Their goal is to create end-to-end projects with functional backend and frontend solutions based on clean code for demanding clients.

Our goal was to create a typographic logo that clearly reflects the identity of the entire company.

The idea of the whole logo consists of a modification of the letter W, which can be very cleverly converted into other letters. The rectilinear shapes give the typography a touch of futurism. The geometric austerity was supplemented by the beveled shapes of the details of the individual letters. The next step was to choose the right combination of fonts, which we found in sans serif.

We also derived the colored combination from the binary system, black and white.

We incorporated the company’s main idea into the slogan:The future is hidden in the C++E. or the shortened version The future is C++E. The future is C++E. The word C++E represents the word CODE, in which the universal programming language C++ is embedded.

C++ (universal programming and coding language) is used in the development of browsers, operating systems, applications, game programming, software engineering, data structures, etc…

The holy grail in programming is clean code, that’s why we created the company’s identity on minimalism.


  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Statement

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